Charles Hartman has been crafting songs over the course of the last ten years and has spent the last four performing them with his band, OldNews. Many contributing artists from a variety of local acts join OldNews during their live performances. An ever-changing lineup and a conscious effort to vary instrumentation from show-to-show makes each experience a unique one.


Dave Buker & the Historians

In 2015, the band launched a crowdfunding campaign, and one of the donation incentives included the donor telling the band a personally relevant story with the promise that the band would write a song about it. Here we are four years later and Dave Buker and The Historians have brought these stories to life.

“I couldn’t have reflected on other people’s stories that way when I was younger…The older you get, the higher the stakes are” – Dave Buker


Second Best

Long before being labelled The Greek God of Style, Gigi Palassis has been writing brilliant songs and playing guitar in obscurity to everyone except his family. Finally, after stints playing guitar with WAKE UP MORDECAI, JEAN-MICHEL, JILL & MICAH, and XL427, and then the lost output of L’ALBATROS, his tortured songs and brooding voice are ready to emerge. The melody that Gigi Palassis creates is breathtaking and heartbreakingly honest.


Jill & Micah

From Poptek Records: Their debut, “Slowly But Surely”, combines the poetic abstractions, intricate guitar work, and troubadour-like voice of Micah Bonsell with the sharp songs and sweet vocals of Jill Potter-Bonsell. It is obvious who is writing each song,but like all good marriages they work well together. Produced and supported by fellow Poptek players and friends, JILL & MICAH’s debut is grand and mature, raw but sweet, pleasant but jarring at the same time.




3-3:30pm Jill & Micah

5-5:30pm Dave Buker & the Historians

7-7:30pm OldNews

9:30-10pm Second Best