Thanks for Listening!

We had a great mini-tour with several stops in the Northeast, from Boston to Brooklyn, and now we’re back in Ohio, getting ready for the Album Release Party on March 29th at our home venue, the Madden Road Music Hall. Thanks so much for supporting live music by coming out to our gigs and for purchasing the new album, now just a few weeks old. We can’t tell you how much we appreciate it!


Write a Song with Daniel Dye & the Miller Road Band!

Check out the Win-a-Song Contest over on Daniel Dye’s Facebook page and submit your entry for a shot at winning your own original song, with your lyrics shaped into a song by Daniel Dye and performed with the Miller Road Band at their Album Release Party on March 29th! Deadline for entries is Wednesday, March 5th. So pull that old poem you wrote out of a drawer, or get your creative juices flowing and come up with some new lyrics for the Win-a-Song Contest!

Click the image for more info and to enter:



April 21st Show!

Hello everyone,

The spring/summer/fall schedule is coming soon, and we’re going to start things off with Daniel Dye and the Miller Road Band on April 21st, who will be joined by Kurtz and Andolino, from 7-10 pm. However, keep checking back here for future shows.  We look forward to a nice variety this year, and will start announcing bands soon!Show times for April 21st:

Kurtz-7pm  Joelle, Trent, and Trudi, an indie-rock trio, sing a mix of originals and covers with piano, guitar, pump organ, percussion, and three part harmonies.

Andolino-8pm   This five member alternative rock band, which has played at both Newport and The Basement, adds the accordion, viola, xylophone, and melodica to the standard three piece, carving out its own sound.

Daniel Dye and the Miller Road Band 9pm– Songwriter Daniel Dye, along with his nephews and niece will try a mess of new/newish songs that may or may not make it on the next album, partially due to your response. And as always, there’ll be a mix of guitar, harmonica, banjo, violin/fiddle, cello, and mandolin.


Location- Go to venues/maps tab on this website.

Email maddenroadmusic@gmail or call 937-328-0432 if you have any questions.